AnscorSwire Ship Management Corporation (ASSM) is one of the countrys leading crewing agencies was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 13, 1993. ASSM was granted by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) the license to recruit, process and deploy sea-based workers on September 24, 1993.

Our office is fully networked where all records and documents of our seafarers can be accessed online, anytime by our principals. ASSM complies to all statutory requirements as well as international standards such as STCW, MLC, etc.

AnscorSwires roster of crewing principals include Swire Pacific Ship Management Ltd. for its MPP, container, dry & log bulk fleets under China Navigation Company, Ltd. (CNCo, Singapore), an extensive and diverse fleet of off-shore vessels including PSVs, IBSVs, Survey, Accommodation barges, MPOVs and Wind-farm Installation vessels under Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO, Singapore), Hong Kong Salvage and Towage (HKST, Hong Kong), Swire Seabed (Norway) and Steamships Ltd. (SL, Papua New Guinea)


ANSCOR SWIRE SHIP MANAGEMENT CORPORATION was organized in the Philippines as a corporation in the 1930 by the late Colonel Andres Soriano, a leading industrialist and respected business figure in the Philippines who promoted the growth of San Miguel Corporation. At the start of its operations, the corporation was engaged principally in general merchandising and investments in real estate and securities.

In 1937, ASSM diversified its operations and entered into management and technical direction of firms engaged in the development and exploration of the natural resources of the country. New corporations were formed and engaged in mining, oil exploration, agri-business, air transportation and other diverse industrial and commercial activities.

SSAI was established in 1963 as a division of ASSM. It initially engaged in serving and acting as agents for several Japanese shipping companies active in tramping. On January 24, 1980, it was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of A. Soriano Corporation. It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 13, 1980, and with the Bureau of Domestic Trade on August 26, 1986.

SSAI had established a Manning Division in 1973 to accommodate the crew requirements of Israeli, British and Arab shipping companies. It pioneered in providing seafarers for Barber Ship Management during the second half of 1979. In 1993, through a joint venture of SSAI and John Swire and Sons represented by Swire Pacific Ship Management Limited based in Hong Kong, Anscor Swire Ship Management Corporation was established as a subsidiary of SSAI.

Anscor Swire Ship Management Corporation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 13, 1993. It started commercial operations on October 1, 1993 and it was granted the license to recruit, process and deploy sea-based workers on September 24, 1993. To date, Anscor Swire Ship Management Corporation rosters of crewing principals include Swire Pacific Ship Management Ltd.(Hong Kong), Swire Pacific Offshore Services Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), P and O Swire (Australia), Hong Kong Salvage and Towage (Hong Kong), Swire Production Testers (Singapore), United Fame Investments (Hong Kong), International Ship Management (Australia), Barber Manning Services Ltd. (Malaysia and Norway) and Abeer Marine Services Ltd (Singapore).


By ensuring their general welfare, security and personal safety on-board and ashore
By ensuring that maritime policies and regulations are well understood, strictly implemented and deeply observed
The Company, in all its undertakings, shall observe the following objectives:

To prevent shipboard accident, human injury or loss of life
To avoid damage to vessel, health, property and environment;
To ensure safety in navigation and pollution-free operation

The Company’s policy is therefore in cooperation with the principals to safeguard the crew employed against injuries and accidents. The Company shall emphasize to its staff and crew that all activities shall be performed with high regards to property, health and environmental safety.

crowThe Company has identified safety and environment as two vital concerns that need to be addressed to prevent injury and loss of life, damage to health and property, and degradation of the environment.

The Company shall be guided by the objectives of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code in compliance to its mandatory rules and regulations and applicable codes and standards.

The Company shall ensure its commitment in protecting the environment and guaranteeing the safety and wellness of its people.

The Company shall be dedicated in promoting safety and environmental consciousness to all of its staff and crew; and involving them in exercising safety measures to guarantee safeguard from possible risk and hazard.
The Company provides quality service by supplying qualified and competent Seafarers that will meet the demand of the Principals.

The Company is committed in achieving a high-standard marine recruitment and training processes

Pacific_javaThe Company affirms its commitment to the continual improvement of its people by providing training, staff development programs, and

The Company ensures quality in its processes and services by encouraging teamwork, solidarity, active participation of it’s Staff, Seafarers and Principals.

The Company complies teamwork with International Standards of Quality under the framework.
Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) is a trusted name in the offshore marine industry. Established since 1975, we are a leading service provider to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a global presence.
SPO owns and operates more than 80 offshore support vessels. SPO's fleet is modern with an average age of 8 years. A majority of the fleet is equipped with dynamic positioning systems (DP1 or DP2). Type of vessels owned includes anchor handling tug supply vessels, platform supply vessels, ice-breaking supply vessels, seismic survey vessels, wind-farm installation vessels, accommodation vessels and multi-purpose offshore vessels. SPO is capable of supporting a wide range of offshore activities, from drilling, exploration, pipe-lay, subsea construction, seabed survey to windfarm installation.  For more information about our vessels, see fleet profile.
Headquartered in Singapore, with regional controlling offices in Brazil, Australia, Cameroon and the United Arab Emirates, and agent offices in various localities, SPO is well poised to operate vessels in every major oil exploration region outside of North America. Expansion in capabilities to other complementary services like seismic survey, emergency response to oil spillage, salvage and deepwater recovery operations enables SPO to become a one-stop solution to meet clients’ diverse needs.  See our list of services.

The China Navigation Company – more familiarly, “CNCo” – was founded in 1872 to operate Mississippi-style paddle-steamers on China’s Yangtze River. Today headquartered in Singapore, it is one of the oldest independent British shipping companies managing its own tonnage “in-house”. The company owns and manages a sizeable deep-sea fleet of multi-purpose, container and bulk vessels and has an extensive network of liner, bulk, logistics and shipping agency businesses around the Pacific Rim.

CNCo is the deep-sea shipping – and oldest operational entity – of the Swire group companies. Swire is a multinational conglomerate with interests spanning five continents and principal areas of operation in the Asia-Pacific region, centred on Greater China. CNCo’s parent company, John Swire and Sons Limited, is headquartered in London and controls a range of wholly owned businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, East Africa, Sri Lanka, the USA and UK.

Swire Seabed AS has a dependable track record for undertaking a wide range of subsea operations through our team of experienced personnel both onshore and offshore. In February 2012, Swire Seabed AS was acquired by Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) and joined SPO’s network of over 20 offices covering every continent except Antarctica. The integration of Swire Seabed’s cutting edge practical expertise into a robust international group ensures we can deliver reliable offshore construction support and ROV services to the oil & gas and renewables sectors worldwide. Operations are managed from Swire Seabed’s head office in Bergen, with operations in the Caspian Sea supported by a newly opened office in Baku.

HUD Group's salvage & towage business has a long history dated back to its establishment in 1972 with the merging of Hongkong & Whampoa Dock Company and Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Company, which together formed the Hongkong United Dockyards Limited ("HUD"). This combined the two dockyards’ fleets under the Hongkong Salvage & Towage ("HKST"). Each shareholder holds 50% of shares in the venture. HKST became a division under the HUD Group after corporate restructuring in 2002.

The division, still renowned for its name of "Hongkong Salvage & Towage" in the maritime industry, is now taking multiple roles as the designer, owner and operator of the largest and the most modern fleet of both harbour tugs and ocean-going tugs in Hong Kong, and comprising 14 tugs totalling 54,000 BHP with an average age around 7 years. Its harbour tugs serve 24 hours for the Port of Hong Kong, one of the world's busiest port; whereas its ocean-going tugs serve in a standby mode to offer support services in case of emergency. Notwithstanding that, the ocean-going tugs are also actively seeking charter employment worldwide. HKST has attained ISO 14001 EMS accreditation. Also, it is the only Hong Kong-based member of the International Salvage Union and a corporate member of the China Rescue & Salvage Association. All tugs are built in compliance with the UK, Hong Kong and Australian specifications and regulations; and are classed with Lloyd's Register of Shipping.



We are inviting every seafarers to join our fleet!!!

- Company sponsored training locally & abroad.
- Free air fares if residing in province.
- Promotions Opportunities up to MST & C/E.
- Medical & Life insurance regardless if on board or ashore.
- Preferential employment of qualified relatives.

“No fees to be collected. Beware of illegal recruiters.”

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO)

No Vacancy

Swire Seabed


  • Registered nurse, minimum of 4 years relevant work experience.
  • OLF basic safety certificate and valid medic for offshore.
  • Fluent in English (both written and verbal).
  • Course in defibrillator.
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft; Word & Excel.
Candidates with the following trainings is an advantage:
  • Advanced Airway Management
  • Basic Life Support (G2015)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support


  • With sea experience for Offshore Vessels.

China Navigation (CNCo.)

Electricians (ETO)

  • ETO license without limitations for bulkers & container ships.

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