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The history of Anscor Swire Ship Management Corporation (ASSM) can be traced back to the Soriamont Steamship Agencies, Inc. (SSAI) which was established in the Philippines in 1963. Then, SSAI was headed by the late Colonel Andres Soriano, a leading industrialist and well-respected business figure in the Philippines who promoted the development and growth of companies under his charge including the San Miguel Corporation.


In 1973, SSAI provided services as an agent for several Japanese shipping companies that were active in tramp shipping. On 24 January 1980, SSAI was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of A. Soriano Corporation (ANSCOR) and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 13 February 1980. In 1973, SSAI had established a manning division to accommodate the crewing requirements of Arab, British and Israeli shipping companies. SSAI pioneered the provision of these seafarers to various principals in the second half of 1979. In 1993, SSAI established ASSM as its subsidiary. On 13 July 1993, ASSM was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines. ASSM commenced commercial operations in the same year and was granted the license to recruit, process and deploy sea-based workers on 24 September 1993.


To date, ASSM’s principals include Swire Pacific Ship Management Ltd. (Hong Kong), Swire Pacific Offshore (Singapore), The China Navigation Company, Ltd.(Singapore), Hong Kong United Dockyards (Hong Kong), Swire Seabed (Norway) and Consort Express Lines (Papua New Guinea).