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Hongkong United Dockyards Limited

HUD Group's salvage & towage business has a long history dated back to its establishment in 1972 with the merging of Hongkong & Whampoa Dock Company and Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Company, which together formed the Hongkong United Dockyards Limited ("HUD"). This combined the two dockyards’ fleets under the Hongkong Salvage & Towage ("HKST"). Each shareholder holds 50% of shares in the venture. HKST became a division under the HUD Group after corporate restructuring in 2002.

The division, still renowned for its name of "Hongkong Salvage & Towage" in the maritime industry, is now taking multiple roles as the designer, owner and operator of the largest and the most modern fleet of both harbour tugs and ocean-going tugs in Hong Kong, and comprising 14 tugs totalling 54,000 BHP with an average age around 7 years. Its harbour tugs serve 24 hours for the Port of Hong Kong, one of the world's busiest port; whereas its ocean-going tugs serve in a standby mode to offer support services in case of emergency. Notwithstanding that, the ocean-going tugs are also actively seeking charter employment worldwide. HKST has attained ISO 14001 EMS accreditation. Also, it is the only Hong Kong-based member of the International Salvage Union and a corporate member of the China Rescue & Salvage Association. All tugs are built in compliance with the UK, Hong Kong and Australian specifications and regulations; and are classed with Lloyd's Register of Shipping.